Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we'll have clean clothes around these parts from here on out

Let me just tell you how excited I am to finally own our own washer and dryer!! No more lugging our clothing around to our parents' homes and losing socks and undies in the process... But, there is a very nice story about how we acquired these little machines. They are 10 years old - but basically brand new and spotlessly clean because they have not been used for over 8-9+ years. {you can see the energy stickers are still on them!}

I have been dreaming about my own set for a while now. It was on the top of my list for "things we need for our new home," however, these suckers {especially the fancy front loaders that i totally wanted} can be quite expensive. So Matt and I discussed, and we decided we would use some of the tax refund money we'd be getting back from the government for buying our first home towards brand new shiny machines. It would take a while to get them, but at least they were in our near future.

2 weeks ago, in steps my wonderful Father-in-law David. He is a dentist {a mighty fine one at that!} and he shares an office with another Dentist as well. 10 years ago, OSHA asked that all dentists have a washer/dryer set at their office so nothing "contaminated" on their clothes/scrubs/lab coats would leave their offices. David thought this was absolutely silly, and never followed the rule. He is obviously a rebel though :) The other dentist that shares his office decided to purchase a pair and put them in the basement (storage room) of the office. He used them for a few months off and on, and then completely forgot all about them for 8 years.

And then he was kind enough to give them to us!! So David helped us move them to our house, and after a little bit of dusting - they are working and very fabulous. Thanks soooo much David!

Also...side note... I went on my very first date in David's dental office many moons ago... and I hadn't been in the basement for almost 8 years... so lots of memories came flooding back when we were moving the machines. I'll have to share the story some time in the future, because I went with one of Matt's best friends, and he took one of my best friends... but we totally had eyes for each other all night. It was on October 4, 2001 and we both remember so many of the specifics... ah to be young and in love. Good times. And almost 8 years later we're married and have a washer and dryer :) The world is so random at times.


  1. Nice, i love free stuff! That's crazy I knew you two were high school sweethearts, but I didn't know you two got together only two months before Phil & I (Dec 1, 2001) Aww how the days fly by, now look at us happy parents of an 18 month old :)

  2. aww what a great story! that worked out so perfectly! i wannt hear more about the date at the dentist office...

  3. Do you think this will inspire Daddy David & Mama Carole to actually get working washers & dryers of their own?

  4. Oh DJ, they did! Brand new shiny red ones upstairs. They work excellently too. I think we are all proud of them :) and their red ones are oh so pretty!