Monday, July 27, 2009

trial run

Matthew and I {as well as our darling friend Heather} ran the Deseret News 10K on Pioneer Day last Friday. I am so glad we did too, because it reminded me that I'm not totally ready for our next half marathon coming up in 4 short weeks {the Park City one... on August 22nd.}

It was a really fun race because the last 2 miles you get to run on the parade route... so there were lots of people out there cheering us on towards the end. Oh, and Matt ate a hot dog at mile 5. Nasty, right? Well... the story goes like this. Matt is much faster than I, but he decided that we should run a race together, and since this one was only 6 miles, he thought it'd be fun to run by my side. I am a 10 minute miler - so I was at the top of my game while Matt was basically running circles around me the entire time because to him, it was merely jogging. So when a man on the sidelines was offering free hot dogs to any of the runners (mind you it was 7 am), Matt decided to sprint over, grab one, and then come back to me while he ate it still running. I about barfed because of the smell, but Matt said it was one of the best hot dogs he's ever eaten because it was spicy and flavorful. What a silly silly boy. Then we crossed the finish line at 1:02:35 holding hands. It was actually very sweet.

Here we are after the race in the car stuck in traffic. Gotta love how being sweaty and in the sun brings out all of our freckles.
And I just have to give props to my girl Heather... because she is in training mode for the 1/2 in August too.. and she ran the 10K in like 53 minutes. So well done girly! I'll meet you at the finish line once again in 4 weeks :)


  1. the picture of you two on mopeds is maybe my favorite thing i've ever seen.

  2. Oh yes 3 chihuahua's is quite crazy. I was ready to pull my hair out (and give them away) when we didn't have a fence, now the dogs are a dream. They never go potty inside anymore and they play well with Rossi.
    It's so true what you said about getting a house together. I am just barely finding my design style. Before I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but now that I have a vision I can't wait to get things done, if only I had the unlimited funds to get it all done right now ;) We have been constantly working on our house since we bought it. Now that I know what I like we are redoing some of the stuff we already did (ugh!) It seriously is never ending, but hey we gotta keep busy somehow!
    You two are doing a great job on your house, I love your funky fun style!

  3. I'm so impressed you're running another half! I can't wait to hear how this one goes!