Thursday, July 2, 2009

no one can ever accuse him of not being hard core

rain rain from Carla Thorup on Vimeo.

i wrote this last year about matt's obsession. he cannot stop himself from lusting after all things apple. seriously. so when the new iphone 3Gs came out, he jumped on the opportunity to get one {with no cost to us because he is selling his old one.} i have to admit, it's pretty dang cool. we have been taking short videos with it and can't help but laugh at how silly we are. and if you look closely, you can see his new white iphone in the reflection at the very beginning of the video.

and i love the stormy weather we've been having... everytime the dark clouds come rolling in, i get more excited about life.

we are sleeping at our house and it's been wonderful! and i love saying our... i have loads more pictures to share, and when we get internet installed in a few days i'll go crazy with posting. thanks for the kind kitchen comments, it really has been the best cooking in it!

this is my 200th post... so that's cool. holler for blogging :)

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