Wednesday, July 22, 2009

getting back in a groove.

We are back from a vacation to Arizona where we lounged around in the blistering heat with some best friends. We had a really great time, but now we have to get back into the real life groove again. Vacations are always so great, until it's time for them to be over. It's even more crazy when the boss is gone from work, the work load has doubled, we have parties to get to and plan for the 24th holiday weekend coming up, and we've signed ourselves up for a 10K run on the parade route. oh boy!

But we had an excellent time in Arizona! And we even saw the cutest puppy ever that stole our hearts... especially Matt's. Too bad it was over $1000 and in Arizona, or Matt might have been the happiest new owner of a dog! But nope... we just played with him and then left him to find other new owners :) I do love those ears though!

catch up time... catch up time...


  1. Adorable! Is it a beagle? I had one growing up, they are the best dogs. Love Matt's puppy dog eyes, I don't know how you resist giving him everything he wants ;)

  2. haha.. matt read your comment and said "i like that brooke girl... you should listen to her."

    and it is a beagle and it was so flippin' adorable! i want one... but not yet. but one day maybe :)

  3. Wow, I bet that if that little guy was a bit cheaper (or perhaps a lot cheaper) that you guys would have been driving home with a new puppy.

    Resistance is Futile Carla. ;-)

  4. How can you resist that cute puppy face?!? (Matt's not the puppies)

  5. resistance is not futile! and yes... he does a verrry convincing puppy face... but someone has to be strong in the relationship! give me some credit :)

    i bet Matt is loving all the compliments on his puppy face though. mustache and all. oh brother!

  6. Oh my gosh, that little puplet would totally steal my heart too- and I am not even a dog person!

    Welcome back from vacay! Back to the routine... ugh!

  7. Oh yeah I would be very cautious before buying a dog, I think that was our problem we kind of jumped into it blind. Tell Matt I think you guys are great too, you both crack me up with your cooky style