Saturday, July 25, 2009

dinner + a movie

in our basement. on the floor.
we had internet and tv installed today... and let me tell you, (1) the Hulk looks mighty scary in HD & (2) it's wonderful to be online in the comforts of our own place again. however, the reason we are eating and sitting on the floor is this - - -
we don't own any basement furniture yet. we have a nice large tv that we purchased for our anni in April, however, no couch to sit on. {we actually wouldn't even have furniture upstairs in our house had we not purchased it from the previous owner.} we are saving our pennies for a future couch purchase, but just don't think it's worth it to go into debt over furniture, so for now, it's floor picnics and floor movie watching parties for us!


  1. We are the opposite, we moved all of our furniture downstairs when we finished the basement and haven't had any upstairs since Rossi was born (he is 1 1/2 years old :)

  2. I know first hand, and can garuntee that floor is for sure clean enough to hang out on though... o don't stress

  3. You can get good inexpensive ones from IKEA. :)

  4. Yes, debt over furniture is a vain and completely unwise idea.

    And Oh, I miss the days of basements. What are these crazy Californians doing, not having basements? What a waste of space!