Friday, July 3, 2009

the cutest little announcement

I often read M. Writes because I think she is a great writer and her posts are very real and down to earth. But when I saw this baby announcement on her blog yesterday, I literally gasped because it was just perfection on paper. I love the idea of a hand drawn announcement for a baby... and this is so unique and just down right lovely. It also helps that the drawing reminds me of matt and myself, and also that I have a love affair with the name Stella {for a variety of reasons...} and I just had to post about it so that I will always remember it. So in the future when we start our own little family, I can utilize my graphic-design-artistic husband and make something equally as beautiful. the layout of these photos was also done by Marta from M. writes. (originally via this site, designed by parents, Tosh & Victoria Brown)


  1. oooh...charming illustration! Love the colors chosen too, fab! Great weekend dear~

  2. I know this so random... But I totally know Tosh ( the father of Stella)... He was a graphic designer at Axiom when I worked there. You, Matt, Tosh and his wife would get along famously if you ever met:)