Tuesday, June 2, 2009

obsessively obsessed.

Any spare minute I have, I play solitaire on my trusty iphone. As you can see here... I've played just about 2900 games, and won 300 times. It only took me one hundred and seventeen hours. Some might call that a waste of time... but I feel good about it. And I know at least one person out there (hermano DJ!) feels the same way about it. I love Solitaire.


  1. I'm almost ALWAYS playing Solitaire on my iPod, computer, or with cards on my bed. I'm with you. I love that game so.

  2. next to the cell phone itself, solitaire on the phone or any electronic device was one of the greatest gifts to mankind. There is no better way to pass time that must be unavoidable wasted...or enjoyed.

  3. Well, I don't know if I'd say I *love* Solitaire, but I will say that I'm horribly addicted to it. As of right now my Total time played is at 319 hours, 57:54 min:sec. So I've got you squarely beat in that category and my win/loss record is 1585 won, 272 lost for 85.4%. Granted mine are for Deal 1 and not Deal 3.

    You do have me handily beat in total number of games (2596 vs. 1857), you speedy little girl you. :P I just spend so much time using Undo to go through all possible combinations until either I win or I'm convinced that I can't win. My average game time is 10:20 vs. 2:42 for you.