Sunday, June 28, 2009

the kitchen!!

The Before..................................

The AFTER!!!...................................

I've talked about my little brother Mark* often on this blog, but that is because he is so flippin' talented!! He took the original panel (the middle of the cabinet door) from the old cabinets and custom built brand new frames on the doors and new faces for all of the drawers. I was able to custom design exactly what I wanted with every step of the process, and they turned out better than I could have ever imagined. He had some help from his bff Garrett, who is like a 2nd little brother to me, and I am beyond ecstatic about how everything turned out! The details are just so perfect and crisp. The hardware is a mix-and-match from Ikea, Home Depot, and Lowes, and all hinges are from Lowes. (and the 2 "fake drawers" under the sink are still being built... but we won't have big holes there for very much longer.)

Then Mark went above and beyond with his skills and built me this custom cutting board. Now, the kitchen isn't very big, so I need all the counter space I can get. He thought of a super effective method for the cutting board... watch... it's peeking at us...
here it is pulled out all the way...
oh, a handle that can pull it out.....
so you can wash it!! I love that it is removable, and that it isn't made out of wood (because wood soaks up a lot more juices from meat and veggies than plastic.)
I swear, he is a genius. And I cooked on Saturday night for the very first time and I was giddy the entire night because it's been far too long since I've had my own kitchen. And never one this pretty! I am super jazzed to be re-united with my kitchen aid... oh the things we will bake!

All paint was purchased from Sherwin Williams, and the blue color is called Drizzle, while the off-white color is called Panda White. I love love love the Drizzle color! It's the color I've wanted for sooo long and it turned out just perfect. The light fixtures are from Ikea, and installed by my manly husband & little brother. We are still looking for a window covering, an extra table for more counter space next to the stove, some art work to hang up, and we will eventually add a back-splash and update the counter tops. Those things are the details however, and right now I have a fully functioning new kitchen and I am just thrilled!!

*Mark is super duper handy, and anyone that has any projects around the house that would like to hire him for any reason - please let me know. He is always wanting to build his portfolio of work, and he can do just about anything! Plus, he is super friendly, hard-working, and have I mentioned amazing? And for a really good deal... so email me for his info if you're interested!


  1. ooooh I LOVE how you did your kitchen! So cute and bright and fresh- everything a kitchen should be.

  2. How exciting! Of all the things I dream about of my future home, the kitchen get's the most of my thoughts.

    This one is adorable! Here's to many, lovely home cooked meals.

  3. Love it all!!! So happy you have your own house, your own kitchen, and a talented brother and husband! Life is good!!!! Enjoy cooking in your very own space.

  4. Hooray! I'm so happy for you!!

  5. Dang! It looks AWESOME! What a transformation. That chopping board thing is genius, and I love the colors you chose. All those little fixtures are great too, and the lighting is fab!

  6. looks amazing! When we remodled our house, I would sweep and mop my floors everyday b/c I loved them so much! There is nothing better than designing your OWN kitchen, and then getting cook in it everyday!

  7. OOOOOOO! i LOOOVE it! it looks amazing. your brother is awesome. i wish he lived in long beach!

    p.s. so jealous of your beautiful kitchenaid mixer!

  8. the kitchen looks amazing. love that piant color and the all white. i dream on an all white kitchen. just call me jealous.