Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy things today

primer love. Matt got a little creative while priming the walls last week... and tonight we'll paint over it. and this house will always know that he loves me.

this picture of Matt. the first one i ever took on my iphone. approximately 4 days after we got back from South America.

this boy, my baby brother Mark. he boggles my mind with his imagination and skills. i can't wait to show you what he's been working on for our house!! i loooooove them.

this car.
my dream car forever has been an old school black bug convertible with white leather seats... but i'd take this little lovely right this second if we had an extra $10 grand hanging around. {ha! extra... can you even imagine?}

visiting our new church, meeting neighbors, and wearing new shirts. i think we are going to like where we live very much indeed.

my very own kitchen! {no pictures just yet...} it's almost finished being put together and looks amaaaaazing. and Matt installed a new light fixture in the hallway last night, and we celebrated and danced and kissed because we were so excited. he is such a man :) it's all in the details... and we're almost able to spend all our time on the details!
and popsicles. i love me a nice delicious fruity popsicle every night please!


  1. extra money--seriously, what is that? i have no idea.

    where in south america?

    and a new kitchen...bring the pictures on!!

  2. I love that bug! You and your fam are also adorable :)

  3. painting and decorating a house just the way you want it is one of the funnest (and most exhausting) things in the world- and ESPECIALLY in your first house!

    These are some of the best memories.
    I'm excited to hear you got a house!