Friday, May 29, 2009

UP is a really great movie

And every one should go see it. It's movies like this that make Matthew want to become an animator (which he will, one day.) We loved everything about this film... but especially the dogs. Now, Matthew often {too much} tells me how much he wants a dog. I am firm in my No position for now, but perhaps one day in the distant future that might change. However, I now firmly believe that Matt has a special gift to know what a dog is thinking. The dogs in this movie speak exactly how Matt portrays dogs in real life. We about died hearing some of the things they say! Matt says similar things about almost every single dog he encounters... "But Carla, he came to me because he loves me." "But Carla, I am his best friend and he loves me." His newest crush is on Buddah... aka Buddapest.
Matthew has asked me for a Pug more than 18 times since we met Buddah last weekend. He is a very good dog... but unfortunately for Matt, not enough to tempt me quite yet.

Go see UP. It is a spectacular film.


  1. we saw up last night and i loved it, and we have dog that is just like that as well, her name is zoey and she's a very fun and well behaved black lab, you guys should totally have her.

  2. we saw it tonight with the kids. I loved it!
    Very Very good show

  3. sorry josh, but we can't have your dog. matt will come play with her occasionally!

  4. Oooo i really want to see this. Tell your husband thanks, I also find you two very cool:) I also love that we have stayed connected ;)

    also would you ask your husband how much he would charge me to design a header for my blog (I really need a new one) I want something kind of like he did on the background of your mac. thanks!

  5. I heard that Up was pretty brill. Everyone tells me it's a tear-jerker too. Were there any sports in it - did you cry? lol.

    That pug is a cutie. I like dogs, but when they belong to someone else, hehehehe.