Thursday, May 7, 2009

this time last year...

We had almost been in Ecuador a month. We had an apartment, a Spanish ward, jobs {where we only worked 4 hours a day!}, and both of us had reddish hair. Every day at 1:30 - 2:00 in the afternoon it would sprinkle rain for about 30 minutes. During that rainy time, we ate lunch together and took naps almost every single day. We went on weekend adventures to waterfalls and visited new cities. We met new friends and learned about Ecuadorian life. Basically it feels like a dream that this life once existed.

Especially because right now life almost seems the opposite. The experience and life then was great, and life right now is great, but so very different from each other that it's surreal. And we are trying to suppress the travel bug (that visits usually once a year...) with other new and exciting things more centrally located to our life here in Utah. Change change change. It's all very exciting...

I just have a hard time believing local change is as exciting as foreign change... but Matt assures me it is. So I've just got to trust him on that one.


  1. wow cool! how did you get the opportunity to do that? was it just a dream of yours or for school/work. that would be way cool! what fun activities do you have planned to do around here?

  2. It seems kind of funny now, but, when we moved to Lehi, it was way exciting. It was like this whole new world that had opened up. We loved to explore around the area. I remember getting excited when I found the Home Depot.
    Now, unfortunately, it is all very normal, and the kids don't get so excited about seeing a horse or a cow any more.
    But, I still like running on the country roads that remain. Sometimes I go running late at night, and if there is no moon out- it is pitch black. Kind of scary, kind of fun.
    So yes, local change can be fun too. But for me, throwing a language change or a culture change makes it even more fun.

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