Monday, May 4, 2009

reality tv

Does anyone else watch Amazing Race!?

Matt and I would have PEED OUR PANTS NO QUESTIONS ASKED if it meant being in the top 3 for the final leg to the million dollars. We're glad the black chicks aren't in it... and we still can't believe she stopped to use the bathroom BEFORE finding Phil. Let's here a silent American Sign Language cheer for Margi and Luke! {We tried out to be on AR when we were engaged.... sadly, we weren't picked.}

Oh, and because of Megan and Brady, we can't get enough of Survivor. It is so intense and my heart beats so fast during the episodes just waiting to see what happens next. Also, Coach is a CRAZY PERSON and we miss Tyson because he was hilarious.

This is a random TV post, just to let the world know that we love these 2 shows desperately right now. And if we could meet any famous people, we'd choose these two men over a lot of other picks because they are JUST SO DAMN COOL.

And Phil has the coolest job in the entire world, followed closely by Jeff at #2. I'm thinking of organizing an Amazing Race Party... with detours and eliminations and everything...wouldn't that be fantastic?


  1. Oh gosh! Two of my husbands & I's FAVORITE shows! So, glad we aren't the only ones that still like reality TV. I should post about this- find out if we are in the minority, or if peeps are just hiding their reality TV love.

  2. I watched The Amazing Race last night!! I was glad the red heads caught up... they had it rough and I felt bad.

  3. We love those shows too! We also said we would have peed our pants too, seriously!

    I am loving Survivor. I also dislike coach. Maybe it will be fun watching his caulky self get hung out to dry. He is SOOO lame!