Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a nice saturday in the city

Matthew and I attended the Live Green Festival at the SLC Library last Saturday. We are not fanatics when it comes to "going green," but we do try to be more eco-conscious when we can. We like to say "we're going brown" because we aren't quite "green" yet. It was absolutely beautiful weather and there were lots of puppies wandering the streets (Matt was in dog heaven.) We learned that we only need $20,000 to install Solar Panels on a house. And that "natural energy juice" does not taste very good. And that I really want a heavy duty Steam Cleaner for my very own. Does anyone out there have or ever rented a large steam cleaner? I think they are brilliant devices and seem to make everything in your home and life cleaner.

After we left the Library, we headed to all the antique/boutique stores we could find. We only purchased one thing {a mother's day present for me... a world globe!} but we did find many lovely things that we may or may not go back for in the future. Also, Matt enjoyed himself thoroughly on a tire swing as I snapped photos on the 'ol phone.
It turned out to be a very nice day indeed.


  1. You two are positively adorable.

  2. I went to that too! It actually wasn't very "green" at all, but it was awesome for people watching.

  3. I have an industrial steamer. I love it. It heats to about 300 degrees and up to 150 PSI.

  4. Ok, do you realize that if I still lived there, I would be doing all the very same things that you are doing? You are so making me want to be there.

    My dad works right next to the library (which was designed by Moise Safdie as a replica of the first one in Chicago, I think) and he's always telling me of the goings on down there.

    And I guarantee I've been to all the same antique stores.