Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it must be cinco de mayo

because i spoke loads of Spanish at work today.

i'm talking about mucho. muchisimo. muchisisisisisimo.

possibly that's an exaggeration.

possibly it's not.

regardless, mexican men were abundant today, and they
all wanted to speak to me about something or other.

thank goodness i understood them.

and hopefully they understood me.

i {heart} spanish.

we shall feast on tacos
{3 for $1 at Del Taco!}
and hopefully later tonight
will bring us horchata and churros.

i love you, Mexico.


  1. Haha, where do you work? I love cinco de mayo, it was the day I found out I was pregnant, aww sigh :) My husband loves del taco, me not so much ;)

  2. It was the day I got married on!
    But I didn't speak a lot of spanish...

  3. brooke- i love that you have such a fun memory to co-incide with cinco de mayo! funzies. (and i work for an attorney... it's interesting.)

    john- yay for getting married on cinco de mayo! i have another friend that married that day too and i think it's a great day to wed! plus, you and claudia are so cute :) happy anni!