Tuesday, May 19, 2009

they came. they saw. they conchord.

*disclaimer... this post will contain lots of exclamations points because there is no other way i can express how excited i am. and the pictures of the actual concert aren't very good because i was too enthralled with the show to care, and because they wouldn't allow me to take in my large, nice camera. hopefully later i'll add more from better sources... but anyway....you've been informed.*

Red Rock Amphitheatre is the coolest place we have ever been to see a concert! Ever. It is simply amazing! It has incredible sound, is huge, is all natural rock, and soooo many talented bands have played there. Basically if you've played Red Rocks, it's sort of like you've made it. OH... and we saw Flight of the Conchords live and it was SO FLIPPIN' AMAZING!!!

Brother Josh and cousin Paul were excellent travel companions and kept us {and a lot of drunks} entertained for hours! We waited in line for 8 hours so we could get reallllly good seats to see Jemaine & Bret, Arj Barker, and Iron & Wine. 4th row center left baby! {we had to sit closer to the left because that's the side Jemaine sits on... and he is so flippin' sexy we had to be closer to him. no offense Bret.} Right around 9,500 people were there and it was completely sold out!Iron and Wine {aka Sam Beam} started the show and just melted us all with his voice. Oh, and Hello Saucy Beard Man!!! Arj Barker {aka Dave from the show} went next with his hilarious act. And Jemaine introduced him to the audience... which was probably my favorite part. Then Jemaine and Bret came on and I was smitten like a 12 year old girl at an 'N Sync concert. I screamed and giggled and danced the entire show, and ... JEMAINE AND I MADE EYE CONTACT when he was like 10 feet in front of me dancing {to Sugarlumps!!} and all I could do was scream and giggle!! Matt (and the other boys around) could only laugh at how ridiculous I was acting, but it didn't even matter one bit. It was completely awesome and I am still giddy when I think of their show. Please note this behavior is super rare in me, and I swear it only comes out when I am completely invested. They far exceeded my expectations of what they'd be like, and I'd recommend to anyone to see them live. All of us had the BEST time and we will talk about it for years to come... and always with a super giddy girlish smile from me :) Oh, and Jemaine is suuuuper fine. There's just no denying. And Matt totally supports me in this statement.
you can see some really great photos of the Red Rocks show from this flickr feed... and at this point in the show was where the eye contact happened... and literally i was like 10 feet in front of them. perfection.


  1. COOL!!

    Too bad for New Zealand, they snubbed them and we got 'em. :D

  2. OH

    I absolutely LOOOOOOVE FOTC!!!! I am so completely, utterly jealous. Jealous like the mean girls in high school jealous!

    I tried to get tickets for their Houston show but they sold out so quickly.

    Arrrggghhhh! Jealousy is an ugly, ugly thing.

    PS - Jemaine is my fave too. Poor neglected Bret.

  3. So cool! My cross country team in high school ran up those stairs for a practice once...

  4. Red rocks is the best. I love living here and seeing so many shows there! Sounds like you got great seats!

  5. I am super jealous. They just played here in San Diego and I missed it. Frick.