Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Matt is feeling under the weather, so we are just hanging out at home obsessively watching Gilmore Girls. We're on season 6 and cannot get enough. And I'm including Matt in there because he is on the brink of loving it more than I do.

I am attempting to sew a dress, but I might just be failing... perhaps in another hour we'll be able to tell. Or we'll have a long striped shirt with a funny collar on our hands.

We just went on a Donut run (the glazed kind) but don't worry, I bought 2 bananas to balance it all out. We're all about harmony and feng shui in our neck of the woods.

We can't totally agree on paint colors or garden placement for our fictional {or not so fictional} future home. And I'll go to bed tonight thinking of my very own future washer and dryer. You know, the posh front loading ones. {sigh. one day....}

And we only have 2 more weekends and 4 days until we get to go on a road trip. And on that road trip we'll stay at a really cheap (ghetto) hotel, go on really big roller coasters, swoon over the Conchords, and eat way too much junk food. It will be great.

Today is a nice day to go outside and breathe in extra deep.


  1. Where are you going on your trip?

    My apron is holding up just fine, actually. I love it so much.

    Sering is fun! But I am far, far away from dresses or clothes. So far, it's just been baby burp towels.

  2. I've never seen Gilmore girls, but i suggest you two should start watching how i met your mother cause it is so good. It makes me laugh out loud even when i'm all by myself