Wednesday, April 8, 2009

swapping swapping is so fun

I received my grandiose package from Maggi today! I feel like the luckiest girl at the ball because of all the treasures inside. And... it came in this one of kind box created by her friend, just for me!
And it was full of so many special things I just about died!
•hand-knitted scarf
•pretty flower for my hair
•owl notebook & iron on owl
•a cute flowery purse
•some darling blue ribbon
•Maggi's and her mom's favorite pictures (on postcards)
•a Dunder-Mifflin mouse pad
•and a large stack of personal pictures with colorful descriptions on the back!

Everything was so personal and wonderful, it felt like Christmas morn. And Maggi is just darling... she loves Swing Dancing, peppermint, anything green, Disney Land, and all things little and pretty!
This picture isn't very good of me...{last day of work before a vacation tired looking}... but it displays the cute flower for my hair and the quaint little scarf she so lovingly hand-knitted. And look at all these personal photos she took of her life in California and shared with me! It was just the most thoughtful thing and I love it Maggi :)

Thank you Thank you Maggi!
This was so very fun, and I am so glad to have met you.
Come by Utah, I'll give you a spin on the Scooter
and we'll go get some delicious fresh Dunford Donuts!

And once again, thanks to Dionne for organizing this Swapperoni. I think she's planning another one in June or so... so check her cute blog for more info! Very very fun!


  1. Awww, what cool stuff! I love the owl things - adorable. And the scarf is sooo cute! Woo hoo for swap goodness!

    I will post this link up in a blog entry soon. Just waiting on a few more people's links.

  2. Cute stuff, and what a cool idea!

    How exactly does it work?

  3. I'm so glad you loved your box and all that was inside! I was so happy to be doing it with you. We made great partners, you and I. :-D

    Carla, you are a gem and I'm so glad to have met you! Hurray for spring Swapness! And in the future we can exchange hand knitted goodies for adorable hand made cards. I'm working on making socks and purses at the moment...

    Lot's of Love! Enjoy your treasures!

  4. Very Cool! I want to get in on the action next time!

  5. What a great swap! I was pleased as punch with my items, and I can see your pink cheeks about yours too! Dionne is just so great, eh? I can't wait until the next swap this summer.