Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so this girl Dionne, she's a genius

My new blogging friend Dionne organized a Spring Swap and my darling little nugget of a partner Maggi received her fun Spring package yesterday!! I have a few pictures at home of the items I sent her... but instead, just head over to her blog and see the hand-made goodies yourself. And yes, I sent Dunford Donuts to her, because they are delicious and only sold in Utah! I do have to add that I'm very proud of the apron I sewed, because it has curved lines instead of straight corners - which makes the femininity of the apron much better (and cuter!), but is much harder to sew. {Thanks to my mama for some of the technical help!}

This is the only picture I took of the apron (in my excitement of sending it out, I forgot...) and Matt just happens to be wearing it while holding a bowl of delicious & extra gooey home-made caramel popcorn {made by my sister Melina, and posing in front of her fridge.}
I like it, and I'm so glad Maggi does too!

This Swap was such a fun idea, and I can't wait to open my package when it gets here! Thanks to all those lovely ladies in the blog-o-sphere that participated. And anyone that wants to partake in the next one, I'm sure Dionne won't dissapoint - and all are welcome!


  1. *dies laughing*
    That picture of Matt cracks me up. I love it!

    Again, thank you a hundred times over. Now I get to be nervous for you getting your package and liking it! I so hope you do.

    Oh! And to answer your question, the doughnuts tasted like they were just like...a day old, but still fresh. Not at all their actual age. Not that it matters, it's an all chocolate doughnut, and it was delicious! The air lock bag things worked well. Of course, we're not going to let them get much older. Not at all. ;-)

  2. I love that apron, it's so cute! Thanks for talking me up so much, you're too sweet, hehehehe.

    Hooray for the next swap. I am thinking of holding it around June.

  3. oh i want to join in! how fun, how fun--the apron looks amazing.

    and ps: i am sooooo jealous of the picture of you and your husband on the scooters. so jealous.

  4. I second the motion to make Dionne our queen!