Sunday, April 19, 2009

☑ run a 1/2 marathon

Check! We did it! It was quite an experience, and although it was difficult and it'll be a bit hard to walk for the next 2 days, we are so glad we did!!

Matt finished in 1:49:13, and I followed {albeit ungracefully} with 2:26:20. We have now run 13.1 miles and survived!

Matt had a very nice run yesterday! We were both nervous to start, but Matt brought his A-game yesterday. By mile 5 he was at 39 minutes, and only had to take like 2-3 short breaks around miles 8 and 10. He was able to suppress the urge to use the bathroom around mile 7, and finished right around his goal! I am so so proud of him and I think with time and practice, he'll just get better and better. He also wants everyone to know that the midget on the side of the road was pushed over by him, and he went faster because of it.

My race was pretty good, but there were some unexpected things that I didn't count on happening, that happened. My goal was to finish right around 2 hours, or 2:10 because I have been consistently running 10 minute miles through-out all our training. When we ran 12 miles 2 weeks ago, I ran it in 2:03, however I caused a sprain to my right quad, and as of yesterday, it wasn't quite at 100% healthy. The start of the race went especially well, and I ran the first 6 miles without having to stop {except for water around mile 3.} I crossed mile 6 exactly 1 hour into the race, so I was right on track at that point and just tried to be my usual steady self. Unfortunately, my body wasn't quite on board with my plans. About mile 6.5 {when the next pit stop with bathrooms was at mile 8.5} I had a sudden onset of diarrhea. I know this is gross, but it's pretty common with runners - but I wasn't about to be that girl- you know, the one that poops her pants while running. So I ended up using more energy to suppress the urge to poop, and my running slowed a bit. Then when I did reach 8.5, I had to stand in line and use the bathroom before I was able to continue on my way. About 1/2 mile later, my blood sugar had plunged because of the ferocity of my bowel movement, and I was shaking and a little bit nauseous. I have to throw a shout out to the girl on the side of the road that shared a Swedish Fish with me, because that's how I made it to mile 10. So, thank you very much! I met my {amazingly helpful} sister Melina at mile 10, and it was at this point where my right quad acted up and basically yelled at me for trying to run 13 miles on an injured leg. I believe Melina took a nice picture of me on the verge of tears because I was just so frustrated with all the set backs I was experiencing at this moment, but she rode her bike on the sidewalk next to me for some time and encouraged me to keep going despite the pain. {love you for that, sister!} Miles 11 and 12 went by too slowly, but I ran the last mile with as much vigor as I could pull from this body of mine and crossed the finish line to meet my loving husband, and just cried until my frustration was gone. And it's gone! Although it would have been nice to finish around my goal time, I am not disappointed in myself. I finished my very first race! And my right leg will be hurt for at least 3 weeks, and I had the worst diarrhea for like 5 hours after the race (Matt joined me in this for an hour or two- it was awful!!), but we now have some experience under our belts and want to do it again! Plus, there is always room for improvement.

There are definitely things we'll change for next race (we're thinking another 1/2 in August perhaps) and know what we'll need to look out for with our bodies. Oh, and we'll take some freakin' pepto-bismal before the race... because I'd rather be clogged for 3 days than go through the pain of yesterday again! And I'd carry my own water, because I didn't like being at the mercy of the race pit stops.

Thank you thank you to our family and our friends for coming to support us yesterday! Especially a huge shout out to Melina and Spencer, because they woke up at 5:30AM to come and take pictures and video of us. We love you guys!! Once we get all of it up and running (haha) on the computer, we have some pretty cool shots of the entire race.

So that's our first racing experience. It could have gone better, but overall we had a great time and lots of memories! And the 3 black men that ran the full marathon faster than I ran my half, way to be ah-mazing!! I am glad I got to cheer you on, because it was incredible to watch you guys fly by me with the speed of an animal.


  1. Yay, you did it!!! I always expect the bathroom to become my best friend for a few hours after every long run I go on. It's amazing any of us keep running for what we have to endure...endless hours on the pot! Congrats on finishing though, what an accomplishment! Tell Matt congrats too!

  2. Way to go you two!!! That is so awesome, and doesn't it feel so good?! I know your pains (yes, all of them!), but they almost make the finish line feel that much better. I thought about you two yesterday wondering how you did, and you did it!!!

  3. Yeah, I think that's amazing and am totally happy/proud for you. Because I know that I pretty much will NEVER be able to run a marathon. Like...ever. It's just not in my cards.

    Still, I think it's amazing and good for you guys! :-D

  4. Yahoo!! You guys are AMAZING!! Truly inspirational. (Could have gone without the poo though) Congratulations on your first race!!