Tuesday, April 14, 2009

one of those dreamy spring days

We have had rain all day today and tonight, but Matty and I are still buzzing from the wonderful Spring day we had yesterday. Of course, it would be sunny and cheery on the day we were wed, but who knew it would turn out to be the

Last April 13th we were on 6 different airplanes and it was the longest day of our lives. This anni {and yes, i like to refer to it as an anni} was so much the opposite that it just blew our minds.
And yes yes... there was fun had.

We ate yummy sandwiches at Hagermann's Bakehouse Cafe
and loved our little lunch date.

We laughed and hugged and kissed until our smiles fell off.
We ate our selves sick with popcorn at a matinée movie.
{we looooove us a matinée movie!}

We polished & cleaned our babies and made
sure the chrome was extra shiny.


We went on an epic scooter ride.
Like so amazingly perfectly brilliant that we are still
high on the awesome fumes an entire day later.
An hour and a 1/2 scooting on the Wasatch Belt
near the mountains
past ranches and horses
and pine tree farms
and parks
and soccer practices
and winding roads
and cute little houses
and lots of smiling people
who probably thought we were
the raddest couple on earth
and were a little jealous
but also happy that we were out
enjoying the perfect spring day
by scooting on the cutest
Vespas they've ever seen.


And if there were a word more perfect than
perfect, I'd use that. Perhaps paradisaical?
Because it was heavenly.I had to post some action shots...
especially in our dorky (but safe) helmets.

It was such a simple day with
nothing pre-planned or set in stone,
and it turned out to be absolutely divine.
And 100% Matt and Carla style.

Then we cuddled ourselves to sleep watching re-runs of our favorite TV shows on our anniversary present... it's 52" and flat and HD. Can you guess what it is? We like the idea of getting Big-@ss presents for anniversaries because it's just really great to celebrate love that way, right?

Getting married is fabulous, but I am
really digging this once a year party that we get
to throw ourselves. Brilliant.


  1. Goodness!

    You two are ADORABLE.

  2. oh my gosh. it does sound beyond perfect. love matinee movies. love how happy you both look. and beyond jealous of the scooters. beyond. hmph.

  3. Happy anniversary (a little late)! You two are just too cute for words!