Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it's very good to be a thorup

When I married Matt, I knew what kind of family I was marrying into because I'd known them for over 6 years. But actually being a Thorup is better than I could have expected! Family functions are always a knee-slapping good time, especially Easter in Zions {this week!},Conference at the Cabin, and every single Dee Dee dinner. Here is our most recent family shot together...although we are missing quite a few members.
Now, as a granddaughter-in-law to the 2 best people in the world, I may not be as qualified as others to share how amazing they are, but I will do my best and share what I know.

First, Dee Dee. {her real name is Jeanne, but please call her Dee Dee.}If you've ever had a Dee Dee cookie, consider yourself blessed. This woman is the epitome of love and kindness. And every time you are with her, you walk away wanting to be a better person. When I asked her how it felt to be approaching her 60th Wedding Anniversary with Grum last October, she responded with

"Oh Carla, if you think you love Matt now... just wait. I can't imagine life without my Leo."

When I asked her if she needed help making dinner one Sunday evening, she smiled at me, gave me a hug, and said

"Absolutely not. It is the happiest thing in the world to cook a meal for my family when I can hear them laughing and playing in the other room."

Grum told us a story once that I will never forget.

He gives Dee Dee cash to keep in her wallet for any emergency situations that may arise. She was driving down the road not 2 days after Grum had given her some new bills when she flipped a U and pulled over on the side of the road. She had spotted a family of 4, one mother and three children, standing near a bus station. It was cold outside and the children weren't adequately dressed, and there were obvious signs they were struggling financially. Dee Dee immediately pulled out every bill in her wallet and handed them to the mother with a warm smile and an encouraging hand hold. Then she drove away with an empty wallet, but with huge warm tears running down her cheeks. She had seen an emergency and acted on her angel tendencies.

I love this story and I love her. She is the best example of a wife and a mother, and someone I truly aspire to be more like. Even if I make it 1/2 way to her level it'll be a success. And she is known for saying "hells bells," "shitty," and "damn" when the occasion requires it. We're pretty sure she taught everyone in the family to swear, and we just love that about her.

Next up, Grum. {his name is Leo, but only Dee Dee calls him that.}He is the perfect example of everything a grandpa should be. He gives big bear hugs, takes charge in large family gatherings, cuts the meat at every dinner, gives $2 bills for surprises at every holiday, and often slips a $20 in your pocket for gas or to pay for you next date. He is also our realtor and helping us find a casita of our own. Grum is the perfect mixture of strong and soft when doing business, and is the best example of hard work and dedication to earn your way through life.

He also has tendencies to be a little racist, but is outright funny about it.
He cares about his wife and family more than anyone I've ever met.
He loves black liquorice in all it's form.

One of Matt's favorite memories of Grum is when he was a Scoutmaster around Easter time. The scouts were decorating eggs, like hundreds of eggs, and out of the blue Grum grabbed an egg and threw it. Pretty soon, everyone in the entire room was involved in a full-blown egg fight and it didn't end until every egg was smashed. He just does stuff like that becaus that's who he is.

And we love him.

We love these two people so very very much, and feel priveleged to be a part of their family {especially me as an in-law.} I'm pretty sure everyone that has ever met Dee Dee and Grum feel better about life for knowing them. They have set an example in their life that we can only hope to follow. And they have taken every step with faith and laughter, especially the laughter.

We appreciate them and hope they know we love them. And we love being Thorups and part of their mayhem. It's the best.

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