Friday, April 17, 2009

"it's a race, i hope i win."

Can anyone name that movie? It was the first movie Matt and I ever saw together... and he spent most of the movie staring at my hand because he was too much of a chicken to hold it. It was 2 days after I turned 16, and I remember everything about that day.

But... that is not what I'm meaning to talk about today. Tomorrow is the long awaited SLC 1/2 Marathon and we're very excited! And also nervous, but mostly excited. We pick up our race packet tonight, then at 7 AM tomorrow morning we'll start the longest run we've ever attempted, and hopefully finish right around 8:45 (for Matt) and 9:05 (for Carla.)

We both had race dreams last night and I have butterflies that won't go away.

I woke up around 6 AM to tell Matt, "I'm nervous, can we switch pillows?" We did, then I was able to fall back asleep. {random, but that's how I act when I'm nervous.} His dream was much more intense, the race turned into an obstacle course and he got lost a few times, then I had his race bib and apparently was unwilling to give it up because I needed two, and he forgot to stretch beforehand and was nervous the entire dream about his legs. So basically, it's the only thing on our mind right now.

Anyone in Salt Lake that wants to cheer all the runners on, here is the map so you can see where it winds through the streets downtown. It's going to be quite the event, and we are ready. And extra props for anyone doing the Full Marathon tomorrow, because when I look at the map it overwhelms me how long it is. 13.1 miles here we come!


  1. Oh I so got this!!! Rat Race :) Awesome Movie.

  2. Yay Brooke!! Well done :) And I love that movie, so I'm glad you knew it!

  3. We love it too!! I didn't know you two were High School Sweethearts!! Phil and I are too. We meet our senior year. Ohhh those were the days ;)