Thursday, April 23, 2009

the first of many more to come

Meet Justen. He turned 25 last Saturday.
Happy Birthday Buddy!
Meet Ashlee. Justen's wife.
She hosted the first BBQ of the year.
It was fabulous.
They have been working for almost
2 years to get their back yard re-done.
It's beautiful... and a verrry good place
to have a Barbecue.
and Chocolate Birthday cake.
Dogs of all varieties were there...
including Moose (she is a pansy.)
{and she used to be so small!}
She belongs to Rac and Jason.

This is Sadie. She is a good little perro.
And Matt looks like an old man here.And this here is our resident Mama, Ashley.We are glad she brings around baby Mason.
We all can't get over his big blue eyes.We ran a half marathon that morning.
Even though we hobbled, we still had smiles.
Ash and Justen also built a fire pit
in their backyard.
It was a very good idea.
And it's very pretty and well designed.I love events that contain:
good friends
hot dogs
baby Mason

It was a phenomenal start to the BBQ season.
Well done Ash & Justen.
We are so glad we're friends.


  1. I LOVE the backyard fire pit. True awesomeness! Looks like a fab place to have a BBQ. I love to entertain, so when I have my own place, that's something I wanna do!

    And hooray for chocolate cake!

  2. Looks amazing! Did you feel like you could eat whatever you wanted at the BBQ since you ran 13.1 miles earlier? I sure felt like I could eat the world that day and not feel guilty about it.

  3. Lol your husband totally looks like an old man, can you picture the future and what you would look like sitting next to him? Baby Mason is adorable.

  4. next time I better know about happenings like this.