Saturday, April 4, 2009

feeling ready

Matt and I have tried to take some time this past week to talk about how many blessings we have in our lives. How much love we feel from each other and our family and friends. How much support we are given each day. How grateful we are for our jobs, and for Matt's wonderful talents and skills. How grateful I am for his hard work and attention to details. How thankful he is to have a goal-setting and gung-ho wife. How grateful we are for our marriage and our faith.

{the Guayaquil, Ecuador Temple. July 2008}
We are very excited and ready to listen to general conference taking place today and tomorrow. We are ready to be inspired and to learn from our prophet and apostles. We are ready to redefine our goals and ambitions for life. We are ready to make some habitual changes so we are closer to reaching our goals.

We are ready to be inspired.

And grateful we have the opportunity. Anyone else interested in listening or learning more, you can watch here. Have an excellent weekend and if you're in Utah... enjoy the snow? Well... at least tolerate it :)

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