Monday, April 27, 2009

and we jumped next to a cliff holding hands

Easter weekend at Zions was soooo much fun.
Pictures by DJ {the man on the left with the remote}
Matt and I were so excited for the picture,
we didn't even stand next to each other.
And please do not fail to notice Brady's face.
He is 2nd in from the left.
{click to enlarge}



  1. Jumping faces are the best! I love shooting the group jump because everyone reacts so differently and it makes for the funniest details.

    Looks like fun, but it looks like it was cold!

  2. That, I must say, is a pretty successful jumping picture. Usually there are people stuck on the ground.

    Looks like you had fun =)

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  4. I love how these turned out. Katie was quite the jumper.

    If anyone wants to view the full set of Zions pictures you can do so on my Flickr page.