Sunday, March 22, 2009

a weekend full of...

•delicious piña-mango salsa at Tarahumara
•good friends
•card games
•learning the difference between a chicken and turkey (shawn...)
•late nights
•sleeping in
•yummy pancake, egg, and bacon breakfast
•beautiful weather (until today...)
•pizza from Main Street Pizza and Noodle
•temple dedication
•rich & chocolaty cheesecake
•amazing race
•cuddles {with each other & a cute cat named Jynx}
•office re-runs

needless to say... it was great.
do we really have to go back to real life in the morning?

{also, i squint a lot when i take pictures. and i have a lot of smile wrinkles for a 23 year old, but oh well... i suppose it just means i smile too much.}


  1. As much as I love Sunday's, I despise Sunday nights...there is nothing fun about going back to work for five more days.

  2. Awww sounds like a wonderfull weekend :)

  3. Sound like a perfect weekend. Mika