Friday, March 13, 2009

we must be lucky... 2 in a row

Once again, we find ourselves on a Friday the 13th.
And it feels like a day to party :)

But first, hows about we share some wedding photos? With 2 years coming up in one short month, I will share some pictures now in the hopes that on April 13th we'll be busy cuddling and shmoozing each other all day and night long. Ooo-la-la. Plus, besides one or two pictures, I don't think I've ever posted some to my blog. So it's sort of my right... right?

Married in the Salt Lake Temple
Reception at Rice-Eccles Stadium at the U of U
Served Dunford Donuts & Milk
A family friend did the flowers
Photos courtesy of Courtney Ryan
{we have a wonderful wedding video by Ortec Designs
(aka our friend John)}
My lovely friend Rac did my hair and make-up
I forgot who made our cake... but it was plaid and we loved it.
Our families helped with all the details and we love them.
the windows and plaid accents make me giddy.

{elevators open}
And all guests lay their eyes on this.
My mother and I put this together.
There is a football player beneath our photos.
We thought this was more fitting/awesome.once again.. the yummy foodmy very talented mama DaNell made
my cute short dress & veil. It's modeled
after Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face
(minus all the poof)
{this is my very favorite picture of us}
I wore heels for part of the time,
and chuck taylors to match Matt the other part.
my lovely Granny Boerup made the quilt
you see in the background.
And Apple made the sign-in bookthe groom's mates & their shoesmy beautiful besties w/ plaid headbands

I bought my earrings, headband, bracelet, and broach
at a vintage store called The Pink Door.
I wear my earrings every time we go to the Temple.
we loved the whole day.
it's fun to be in love and get married
thank you for sharing
i'll try to refrain myself from
obsessing over it any further.

have a wonderful weekend!
{and spooky friday the 13th}


  1. I must say...I LOVE the short wedding dress. If/when I EVER get married, I want a short wedding dress. They're sassy, fun, and different! You looked (and still do) great.

    Good luck with your 10 mile run this week. I totally go off my training schedule and did a long run on Wednesday...hopefully I'll be ready come next Saturday.'s quickly sounding more miserable by the second.

  2. I love your cute, funky, fun style.

  3. I love seeing and hearing about your wedding. I was out of town and missed it! What a fun way to represent you and your personalities,it was.

  4. these photos are amazing. you look so, absolutely so so so beautiful. i love the dress and the chucks. and cake and donuts??!!--well that just tells me that we would be the best of friends!!

  5. Ohhhh so cute! I LOVE the shoes. What a great day!

  6. It's kind of odd, but, I think my favorite thing from your wedding was the "Carla & Matt" wall at the reception. It just worked out so perfect. :)
    Then (not that it has anything to do with your wedding) Matt's break dancing at Meagan & Brady's reception was quite memorable as well.