Monday, March 2, 2009

she brings out my hippie core

I bought this print from Emily Falconbridge {aka Embers} a few weeks ago because she was selling all of her prints to benefit the Australian Red Cross & the wild fires down under. She is basically one of those people I've never met, but hope to some day be more like... dreads and all.
And she's from Australia, has a darling family, and is a member of our church. Let's just say I have a girl blog crush on her.I love it. I haven't found a frame yet, so for now it's on my magnet/chalkboard that Matthew gave me for Christmas (from Ikea.) Also on the board... our engagement photo (b&w), our 1/2 marathon training schedule, our goals for the year, my valentine, and the photobooth strip we took right after Matt proposed. Oh, and the shelf holds our precious dress-up glasses. {necessary of course}I like the hooks on the bottom so I never lose my keys. Matt likes that too... it saves on running around like a chicken with it's head cut off when we are already late. I can't decide what color frame would look the best for my new print... maybe blue? Or orange? Hmmmm.

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