Monday, March 23, 2009

poverty sucks

Matthew and I won this delightfully framed poster from a white elephant party 2 Christmases ago. It was the hot item of the night, so we felt pretty posh when we ended up with it at the end of the party. It hangs proudly in our bedroom and we think it's pretty hilarious. I'd like to point out some of my favorite parts... (Such as the brown frame laced with gold... that's a good place to start.)1. Plaid is totally for rich people. Especially when the suit jacket matches the golf beret.
2. Wealthy people always sip champagne from fancy glasses. And have an ice bucket handy at all times.
3. The eagle talon necklace probably cost him a fortune.
4. Leather riding gloves... a necessity, obviously.
5. If this man were to stand up, we would all get an eyeful of man junk. Those pants are so terribly thin...
6. To go along with the leather riding gloves, the whip is not only necessary, but kinky.
7. Knee High Man Boots. Need I say more?

8. The fancy Rolls Royce... in order to cavalierly lean against.
9. His eyes are so deep we can almost see the bling in their depths.
10. A sturdy face with soft pudgy edges makes him more alluring.
11. Those eyebrows are thick, dark, and sexy. Tell tale sign of a life lived in luxury.
12. Orange Turtleneck = winner.
Poster was created by Michael O'Harro, and to find this and other posters... check out ebay. Perhaps we'll need a plaque for the bathroom? Or a necklace to wear all year long? This is the kind of man Matt would have been if he were born 40 years earlier. Or if we owned a Rolls Royce right now.


  1. Carla, this post is epic. #5 in particular. I'm gonna miss you and your blog a TON, chica.
    P.S. I had this dream last night that The Pioner Woman was coming to dinner at my house and I was all, "I have to invite Carla!" and you were SO EXCITED. Also, what the h do you make for the P-dub if she comes to your house to eat? I have no idea.

  2. I love the comment about the pants, you make laugh out loud! Too funny :) Thanks for making me smile.