Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i like months that have 31 days more than months with 30 days (or 28... yes I mean you February)

These last few weeks of March have just flown by in a flurry of work, snow, sun, scooting, snow, obligations, Young Womens, work, sun, running, snow, running, and then a little bit more sun, then a little bit more snow. You get the picture.

But, as March is coming to a close, I'd like to give a shout out to some peeps that I know and love.

First, my oldest brother Casey turned 30 on March 2nd, and just last weekend he told the funniest story about his most recent work-related visit to Mexico. It involved bloodshot eyes, a Doctor's office, very large needles being shot into his bum, and very clogged ears. And lots and lots of laughing... it was a good one. He and I {and his cute wife Heidi} went to China together in 2004 - and here we are on the Great Wall of China. Of all my siblings, he and I look the most alike {it's the freckles.} And I hope he had a great Bday - even if I forgot to say it to him until weeks later. (sorry bro)

Next up, my sister Melina. She turned 26 on March 7th and I really like her. We work together every day and occasionally laugh our heads off when we're supposed to be working. {Also... go check out her blog to see her funny April Fool's tricks... she's good at them!} It's great. We have the same shaped teeth so people think we look alike... this picture is from 2004 before either of us got married. So yes... Happy Bday Hermana! {sorry it's late...}

My little brother Mark is making some very grown-up decisions lately and it's weird that he's getting so old. He was meant to be an engineer because not only is he smart, he concocts the most genius ways to tie someone or something up. On more than one occasion growing up, he would use his ingenious knot tying skills to rope Melina's bedroom door to my bedroom door - making it so neither of us could leave because the tension was too tight - and we kept pulling it tighter on both of our ends. And we could just hear him snickering and laughing outside our doors. Sneaky little bugger. I love him though, and am proud of who he is becoming.

My other older brother Gary {pictured here with my cute niece Julia} just announced that he and his lovely wife Noelle are expecting#2. Woo woo! I love having nieces and nephews, so this is very good news to me.

My brother in law DJ had the biggest hail storm in Austin TX and you should check out some of his photos... they are crazy. And very dangerous.

Our friend Gretchen left on her mission the 25th of March, and we miss her already. Mostly because today when I wanted to know how to spell the word "noogie" she wasn't there to ask, and she would know the answer because she's random like that. And I love that about her.

My friend Lyndee {fondly known as L-peg to me} has a very darling daughter. Basically so cute that you want to eat her belly because you can't stand how cute she is. Like this post where she is playing hide-and-go-seek almost makes me want to pounce on Matt immediately and get on the baby-having train... but for now, since we are still living in the basement of our parents, we'll just keep on practicing. {ewwww... how dare I?}

And I'd just like to mention the Sun, because although he's been scattered this month... those few days we had him were marvelous. Just absolutely blissfully scootingly marvelous.

We are very excited to welcome April in with a bang (and a huge snow storm... boo) because it's going to be a good month. Actually, it'll probably be a great month, so let's get it started already.


  1. I am very honored, Carla G, to be a part of your blog. *sniff* And yes I do eat her belly sometimes, just for fun.

  2. Sounds like an interesting Mexico trip indeed. What a combination of elements involved in this story, lol.

  3. Hey Carla, just wanted to let you know that on occasion I am a blogstalker, and your blog is by far the most entertaining. I loved the "Amy" post. I remember the good old days. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
    Peace, Love, and Marathons.

    Good luck!

  4. what no shout out to ME??? Haha, I love it when I see pictures of China. "Poverty Sucks"...that is why I can't go to China!