Saturday, March 28, 2009

another mile down

Today, Matthew and I ran 12 miles.
{12 effing miles!? ... yes. we actually did.}

And we used sunscreen that was lumpy, so it didn't work and we now both look a little bit like cherry tomatoes (with a beard... but only on Matt. I shaved today. haha.)

Our knees, feet, and hip joints are very sore. We can walk, even if it is a bit slower than normal, but don't ask us to go down any flights of stairs. I look worse than a 90-year-old granny with a cane when I walk down stairs because the pain in my knee joints is so excruciating that I will fall down in a heap of agony and just stay there for days if I have to go down any more stairs. Or it just better have a big 'ol banister to lean on, because I will need it to steady me the entire way down.

BUT... we did it. This is the longest run we'll do until our actual race in 3 weeks when we'll do 13.1. Matt didn't just do it though, he did it with flare and style and speed like nothing I've ever seen. He's my hero. I am more of a steady does it kind of girl, so I just stayed the course until I saw Matt standing on the brown bridge next to the parking lot and almost cried because I was so happy it was over. We feel sore, but very very very accomplished. And also much more prepared for what we are going to experience in our first ever running race.

And after, we went straight to Five Guys and enjoyed a delicious spread of burgers and fries. Absolutely delectable, I tell you what. And it felt very deserved.

The real reason I am feeling more prepared about the race is because of my fab friend Amy. Amy ran her first 1/2 marathon last Saturday in DC and I am so excited and proud for her! We've been emailing and blogging each other about our training and tips for our up-coming races (since she is much more experienced on this race biz) and it's been so fun. And now hers is over, and she has answered all my questions/concerns about what to expect and although I am still nervous, I am feeling more prepared and therefore more excited for April 18th to get here.

Amy and I have been friends since we were 5 {or possibly younger} and we have some very nice memories together. I stayed at her house for 1 week while my parents were out of town when we were in Kindergarten, and we played Pretty Pretty Princess the whole time {can we say}, I cried because I was homesick (and she won't let me forget,) and I remember thinking she was so lucky because she had older twin sisters that looked sooo much alike. And then we grew up and are still friends, even if it's just over the internet for the time being (seeing as she lives in DC right now.) I like success stories.

Matt knows Amy, has met her numerous times, and still I have to remind him every single time I mention her name which Amy I am talking about. See, Matt has to link a memory to remember which person I am talking about. My friend Chris from HS worked at Coldstone, so whenever I mention his name to Matt - I have to say "Coldstone Chris." My other friend Tom looks like Victor in Wallace and Grommet Curse of the Were Rabbit - so I have to refer to him as "Victor! Tom." Amy has natural red hair (the really pretty kind), I've known her for a long time, and she lives in DC right now. But what does Matt remember about her? She worked at a Fat Camp one summer, so now Amy is known as "Fat Camp Amy" whenever I am talking to Matt. And I have to say it exactly like "Fat Camp Amy" or he will ask.."Who?" Silly boy.

Now... let's walk down memory lane and look at old photos, because I love to look at old photos and have documentation on how long this little friendship has been going on.
First up we have Carla's 6th Birthday Party at Peter Piper Pizza. Now, just in case anyone is having trouble picking me out... look for stripes and self-cut, uneven bangs. {I cut my own bangs like 2 weeks before my Bday... that's why they are short and uneven - totally not like Amy's perfect bangs. And if we had a bang contest today, she would still win.} Obviously the little Red Devil on the left is Amy. Her hair was perfectly sculpted and I love the rolled-up sleeve. The chickadee on the right is my big sis Melina, and this is a documentation that at one point in our lives - she was taller and looked older than I did. That is no longer the case, but it was once. And I feel sort of awful... but I'm not sure who the other girl in the picture is. Amy... can you help me with that?

Next up, Carla's 8th Birthday party.A few things to note about this picture...
I have the bows in my hair and the totally straight bangs that would be so "in" right now, but my hair won't even think about doing them these days.

Amy is the red-haired tart attempting to give me bunny-ears and the huge white bow in her hair- which I also think could be considered "in" right now. {We were so before our time...}

Becky is in the pink, and we have recently re-united through facebook. Lots of memories with that girl.

Brittany is in the Green shirt at the front... and we were super friends, then not friends, and now we're back to being internet friends. The internet really brings us all together, doesn't it?

Carlie is in the red headband, and we used to be pen pals, but lost touch once we got to 9th grade.

And last, the girl in the Yellow outfit is also named Britney, and do you see that outfit!? Put that on a 24-year-old right now and she'd be the hippest girl. Well, maybe 17... or 16... 24 too old? I'm not a stylist, I just know that those shoes are super hip right now (I have ones in pink...) so she is cool - wherever you are Britney Peterson, well done.

Memory lane is fun. Well done on the race Amy, I'm glad we can experience this together!

Now I have to crawl to the bed and attempt to cool down our sunburns.


  1. This is the best post I have EVER read!!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Those pictures are priceless. Holy cow, we were so stylish and cute! I can't remember that girl's name either but I know EXACTLY where she was by you. I want to say her name was Jennifer or something like that? Wow, good times! Congrats on your 12 mile run, you're going to rock the half marathon in three weeks and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Way to go, that is a big accomplishment! I know exactly what you're going through with the sore muscles and taking 5 minutes to walk down the stairs, but doesn't it feel so good at the same time! Good luck to the both of you!

  3. Totally in love with your banner. Mika (

  4. You make me laugh so hard, reading your comments and posts ;) thanks for being so entertaining!

  5. Nice JObb!! on the running. That is actually quite amazing.
    And- what fun is childhood without cutting your own hair?
    (BTW-I had the great idea to cut my own hair before my wedding...Claudia still gives me a hard time about that :)