Sunday, February 15, 2009

we [heart] training

Okay, maybe we don't [heart] it all the time, but for the sake of my hearting theme this month... that is the title.

Matthew and I successfully ran 5 miles yesterday, and it feels really good to say that.

If you would have asked me at the end of December if I could {or would even want to} run 5 miles in one consecutive run, I most definitely would have answered with something along the lines of ...

"Can I get a Hell NO!?"

and then Matt (being my exact equal) would have responded in his very best Black Reverand Preacher voice ...

"Heeellll Nooo sistah!"

and then we would have laughed because we think we are super funny, perhaps busted out a song that contained "hell no," "running sucks," and "thong thong thong," and then dropped the subject of running for at least another month.

However, yesterday was a milestone in our training. 5 miles, outside in the wet weather, and we both not only completed it, but feel pretty darn good after doing it. And neither of us have ever run this consistently before, so that makes it all the more glorious.

Some people are made to be runners with long legs, slim bodies, and most importantly the mental capabilities to endure any distance on any course. Matt could be considered one of the lucky ones in this category, I on the other hand, cannot.

Running is hard. I struggle each 1/2 mile, constantly debating with myself if I can finish the goal for the day. Running has increased my inner dialogue by 99% because I have never talked to myself this much... and I do not mean think to myself... I mean talk to myself. A normal run will go something along these lines:

first 1/2 mile -
"Yeah! We can totally do this.... this is such a great song... the mountains look pretty today...."

at about 1.3 -
"Carla, what did you eat this week!? We cannot continue. Just stop and walk. NOW."

"NO! We ran 4 miles just 2 days ago, I cannot give up on the first mile, that is so lame."

"Oh my gosh, that hill looks like a mountain! Don't run up it... we'll just walk up it and then we'll start again after the hill."

"Maybe we'll just slow down... I am feeling a bit tired... Oh! there's Matt over there and he hasn't stopped. Okay okay okay... we can do this. We CAN do this. You are not tired. NOT tired."

around mile 3 -
"STOP RUNNING. You are tired. Maybe just walk for a minute or so?"

"But if I stop, I'll want to stop for good. We can't stop. Just stop thinking about it."

"Does my foot hurt? Or maybe it's my hip... something definitely hurts."

"Oh shut up. It's beautiful out here, you're not tired. We can do this."

"But I feel like a whale that just ate a delicious 5 Guys Burger with french fries."

"Oh... 5 Guys sure does sound good... maybe if we finish we can go there..."

at mile 4.5 -
"Oh my gosh... we are almost done! I can see Matt... he isn't running anymore. Oh good, that means I'm almost done."

"Oh, I'm so tired... my legs feel like lead."

"LA LA LA - we are almost done! Maybe I should sprint? No no... just keep it steady. One foot in front of the other... we can finish this..."

And then usually there is a celebratory high-five (because a sweaty hug is icky) when we have both finished the distance goal for the day.

Obviously in the last month & 1/2 of running things have become much easier. I don't doubt myself as much, also I have stopped worrying about my weight/how I look and started measuring how I feel instead. Matt and I are constantly helping each other avoid soda and sugar, while forcing each other to reach the goals we've set - even if Matt has to run an extra half mile to help me finish {because he has done this, and it means the world to me.} Can we say we are ready for 13.1 miles? Not yet, but we are strictly following our schedule for the next 8 weeks, and by April 18th we will be ready.

and you can betcha by the end of our training we'll be yelling

"Can we get a HELL YES!?"

And when that time comes, I'd appreciate it if you could all respond appropriately.

{Side note - happy Vday yesterday... we ran 5 miles, then relaxed and had a wonderful day. i love that husband of mine, and boy does he love me.}


  1. Nice Job!!
    5 miles is a significant distance!
    By the way- are you using the nike ipod kit? If not, I highly recommend it. (my favorite thing after a run is plugging the ipod into the computer and seeing the little running guy drawing the chart of my run. And I especially love Lance Armstrong telling me good job when I do my longest distance or fastest mile.)
    Anyhow, long comment. I need to get out and run again. I'm a wimp in the cold weather :)

    And again, good job!

    "opersi"- that should be a real word

  2. Way to go you guys! I am so jealous because I would love to be out there with you. Maybe next year??? I guess that does depend on how this one goes. I was going to suggest you guys find a 5K to do before the big race to get a little experience in and see how things go. Anyway, way to go, and good luck - you're almost halfway!