Wednesday, February 11, 2009

we [heart] the Pioneer Woman

If anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere does not know Ree Drummond {aka The Pioneer Woman} then you are missing out. She is absolutely hilarious! And her photoshop tips and the free actions she has created have changed the way I look at photography in general. For example... the action "Seventies" is one of my favorite ones to use... here's a sample.

Here is the out of the camera shot... I like it because the Martinelli's bottle is in focus, even though we aren't.With just one touch of a button and a little knowledge about Photoshop, it turns into this... which I actually like much better. It makes us look more dapper, don't you think?Also, her instructions on "What the heck is an Aperture?" are super easy to understand, but really helpful on learning some of the basics on how to shoot in Manual mode with any SLR camera. And she is really funny, have I mentioned that yet? I read her website every day, and I suggest you all do the same. It'll make you a better person... or at least give you a good laugh and let you into a world of ranches, romance, and food. There is lots and lots of delicious food.

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