Wednesday, February 18, 2009

we [heart] empty rooms

Mostly because they have a lot of potential for Matt and I to use our decorating skillz (oh yeah, i used a z)...
We made these lovely full size Robots for our wall art and I think they are rad. And they have big hearts... the better to love each other with.
Oh, and I found this magical sphere for only $10 and of course I had to snatch it up so I can take spherical photos for at least the next month or two or three...
Here is our big empty room {which isn't as empty now that we put Matt's new desk, the bowl chair, the robots, the lamps, and Matt's Dave Matthews painting in there.}
I have a feeling this sphere is going to become addicting... I apologize in advance.


  1. Carla G, Carla G. And I do say G because you are still such a Gangsta!

  2. Great robots! What did you guys use to hang them?

  3. 1. L peg, I love you. I'll always be Carla G for you anyday.

    2. Kimberly, we used lots and lots of good 'ol masking tape. Hope it doesn't rip off the paint!

  4. Oh masking tape, the workhorse of the renter's toolbox. I say the joy of the robots definitely overpowers the concern of repainting.

  5. Did you guys get a new place? Or are you still with mom?

  6. I adore your robots. They're even cuter than I imagined. Also, your orb is very MC Escher-esque. Great find!