Wednesday, February 4, 2009

we [heart] our nephew...

Landon turned 2 about a month ago, and for his Bday my mother DaNell made him THE cutest Woody outfit. I could just eat him for dinner because he is so cute... oh, and he totally says "howdy howdy howdy" and "Yeehaw!" like a champ. And just look at the boots.... so flippin' perfectly adorable!
Well, tonight Matt and I had some delightful one-on-one time with the little fellow, so we took him to Momentum to run around and climb all over the kid section. He LOVED it, and it was just about too cute for words. {oh... i have to add that when we went thru the Wendy's drive in to get some fries, he yelled "Goodbye Ladies!" to the girls at the window. eeee! love it.}

Matty showed him the wall, but he wasn't quite ready to give up Buzz Lightyear.
Oh... I just love him and his yummy rosy cheeks.
And apparently, Matt does too.
He ran around jumping on the soft floors most of the time, but he occasionally reached for the climbing wall. In 6 months or so he'll be ready for some of the high stuff.
AND... the cutest thing ever... he was watching some of the lead climbers, and he would just yell up to them "Be careful guy!" or if he saw Matt or I climbing, he'd say "Be careful Cawla!" or "Where is Matt? I need him." My heart melted a little each time he spoke, especially that he knows our names. OH, and he also said "To infinity and beyond!" when he saw someone going up the wall, and then when they came down he'd yell out "Spiderman!"
He basically ran circles around us for 45 minutes straight... and we all needed a lie down on the mat and some water every 5 minutes or so.
I'm sure everyone in the world thinks their own nephew (or niece) is the cutest, and we are definitely in that category. We just absolutely loved hanging out with him tonight, and I'm not sure he can get any more adorable. Plus, we think his parents and sister are pretty great too... but we'll leave this post just about Landino, because right now, we are high on cuteness fumes.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy! Wish for one night I was free to take him first! Good thing I trained you well in the picture taking dept.

  2. He's adorable. Who's kid is he? Just think, one day you can have one of your very own. But I'll never ask if you're pregnant, don't worry! :)

  3. Oh he is the cutest little guy ever! I love his cute little red cheeks, and that shot of him with the elfish little red nose!