Thursday, January 22, 2009

what makes me giddy and i really love...?

Mission Calls.

I also love missionaries, but mostly, I absolutely love mission calls from our church. One of my most favorite memories with Matthew is when he was called to serve a mission in Spain. Not only did he wait for me to get to his house {2 hour wait} before he opened it, but I guessed the exact place he went - Madrid, Spain!

Matt reading his mission papers
{this happens to be one of my top 5 fav pictures of matt... his
bottom lip is sticking out because he is choked up!}

hugs after he knew when and where he was going
and here we are 5 minutes after he got set apart...
no more hugs from here on out for 2 years

The reason all these memories came flooding back this week is because our cute friend Gretchen received her mission call just last night!! Read more about it here... and I'll let her tell you where she is going! I cry and get all crazy emotional for anyone that gets a call because it is such a special once-in-a-life-time opportunity. And boy howdy the spirit is strong when those beautiful words are read. We are super excited for Gretchen and any missionary about to go out or currently serving for that matter! Also... Gretchen opened her call with "the sword of truth," which is not only completely rad, but also makes the moment much more suspenseful!

These special moments in life are the ones that I cherish most. Family, friends, and the gospel that we wholly believe in. And I love being able to share them all together in one room. Congrats Gretchen! You really have the "eh" factor... and you are going to dazzle everyone out there with your wit and spirit. Also...on an unrelated note, she has an ENORMOUS cat named Bono.
{and this isn't even her biggest cat!? incredible.}


  1. oh i love that you were dating before he even went on the mish. and you waited and now so happy! so sweet and cute!

    and i totally understand why you had to fix your to you're. im soooo that same way! :)

  2. Wow, that's funny... a majority of my close family is LDS and my aunt actually went on a mission where your friend is going. Cool beans.

    Jemaine definitely is the best. Those sideburns....

    Oh, and yes, I found you on the halloween article (can't be quite sure why I was looking at Halloween stuff in January... random)

    And in answer to your question: yes, getting hitched in June *grins*

  3. Awww, thanks for posting about this! And thanks again for coming. That was so fun to have you there!
    P.S. That picture of Matt with Bono cracks me up.