Sunday, January 18, 2009

jungle love

None of my BFFs have kiddos yet (but in dogs they aren't lacking) ... however ... check back in about a week and a 1/2 and Ash Bergi-Berg will have a brand new baby boy! The BFFs and I threw Ashley the cutest baby shower yesterday and here are some of the fab details.

Jamie and Rac worked hard to design the palm trees & ants on the log details - I think it turned out so flippin' adorable!{matthew designed the darling invite... see it bigger here}

Everyone asked Ashley questions while opening presents... and we are all so hilarious (especially props to Rac for her questions) that the conversations were truly HYSTERICAL. Here is the question bowl with the blanket I made for Baby Berg in the back ground. Ashlee (with help from Cartha Stewart...) made a delicious sorbet dessertand here is the cute Prego lady with the diaper cake we made... the BFFs together
first we have the Rachel's & Jamie's
(yes... we have doubles of just about every name.)then the one Carla and the Ashleey'sIt was a super delightful morning and we all can't WAIT for this baby boy to come out. He is going to be SO overwhelmed with all of his aunts, but spoiled as ever!

Plus, Ash and Brandon are going to be cute parents. Love you guys :)


  1. Tell them I'm excited for them!

  2. D.C. makes being at fun things with friends very difficult. The shower looked amazingly adorable. I'm so sad I missed it!!!

  3. That, is pretty much the coolest table setup I've ever seen. Mucho Kudos.

    I stumbled across your blog from some article on Glamour, and I just have to also add that your banner is brilliant. Flight of the Conchords FTW!

  4. Wow you did an awesome job! Love the cute little carrot palm trees :)