Wednesday, January 7, 2009

running and mac world

Matthew and I are all signed up and in training mode for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon, taking place on April 18th. Neither of us have run any sort of race before, but we have set up a rigorous training schedule and have some examples, namely cousin Lindsey... she has ran at least 2 full marathons, and she ran the SLC half last year {after having a baby!} and Heather - because she put this idea in our head in the first place, and we are trying to be like them. I won't talk too much about training and our schedules, because that's just boring and tedious, and disappointing if we falter. But I will tell you that Matt is running around a 7-9 minute mile (depending on if we climb first or not) and right now I am at around a 10-10.5 minute mile. Matt has a goal to consistently be around 6.5-7 mph, and mine is between 8-8.5. This would mean we would both finish the race in under 2 hours {our goal} and hopefully after 10 weeks of training this will be possible.

And we are off carbonation - Matt is being very strong about this because he loves his Dr Pepper and his Coke.

AND... is anyone else getting CONSTANT updates from their husband about MacWorld? Because yesterday it was about every 20 minutes or so he would text or type me something awesome, new, genius, about the conference, and how he desperately needs a new 17" Mac book pro. Like RIGHT NOW. Always the dreamer, that husband of mine. His website of choice for all the up-to-date info is endgadget - but his co-workers use gizmodo. So take your pick if you just need to know exactly what is going on for the next few days.

If you don't have time to look yourself, ask Matt. He is insane over this. I'm considering putting a cardboard cut-out of a Mac in front of him to race after. I think that would work wonders on his time being improved.


  1. okay so i am sooooo jealous of your header/banner. so freaking amazing. i seriously want one sooo bad. matt is so talented! i NEED one!

    p.s. did you get your present yet?

  2. Good luck on the training, and I am jealous that I can't run with you this year, because you know I would love to!

    No after shots of the haircut???