Sunday, January 25, 2009

our first official visit

to The Scooter Lounge.

Matthew actually was there this time last year, but this visit signifies a happy beginning. I will talk more about the last year and a half of being scooter owners [but not scooter riders] on a later post, but for now... just know we are SUPER excited right now. Why you ask?

Matthew and I own 2 vintage Vespa Scooters - and they are BEAUTIFUL.
Unfortunately they do not work right now, that is why you are only seeing a picture of one wheel. In a month or so, when they are working and in their true glory, I will share many more pictures... but for now, the wheel is all you get from our babies.

The Scooter Lounge {the owner is Dave and he is our hero, but we will dedicate a whole post to him later on down the road} is the cutest little shop in Orem, Utah. The building is old, the machines are vintage, and the colors are amazing. And Dave is an expert on all things scooters, and in our case, all things Vespa. Our scooters are now in the hands of Dave and we trust him to make them run like buttah - and basically to make all of our wildest fantasies come true {scooter wise at least...} So yeah, yesterday was a good day because the process has started. By March we will be scootin' our way into an endless abyss of happiness.


  1. Hey, thanks for your kind words. And those pictures make the store look way better than it actually is. You guys are great.


  2. I remember you telling us all about your scooters when you were in Ecuador! I'm so excited that you are finally getting them fixed! I'm glad we are blog friends as well.. oh so glad because your blog is for sure my favorite to read. I totally stole your comments idea though... I'm sorry about that :( But it was just such a "lovely" idea. Hope things are well! Feel free to come visit DC anytime!