Saturday, January 17, 2009

on matt's 24th Bday ...

He woke up and cuddled with his wifethen he received some kick-A gifts.
[new Chacos, some clothes, and another cool watch]
He went to work and shared delectable Dunford chocolate donuts and milk with his co-workers... then after work headed up to Midway to eat at the Tarahumara- where they serve the best piña-mango salsa in the world. After eating, he headed to Dee Dee & Grum's cabin (thank you guys!!)
{It also included a snowy night hike with an amazing view of the stars.}At the cabin he spent the night cozied up next to a fire and watching old VHSs.When he awoke in the morning as a 24 year old man, he enjoyed the view of Midwayand then hiked back to his car, while enjoying the snow and sun.Oh, and he saw this ice mound that looked like something from a Superman film.Then he went shopping, running, out to eat {we are in LOVE with Five Guys Burgers and Fries - go there for the most delicious hamburgers, fries, and fry sauce - but beware... you'll get addicted and your waist line might suffer,} and then he spent an evening perusing his new Photoshop magazine and a bit more cuddling with his lucky woman. It was a fabulous day. And it is going to be an even more fabulous year...

*these pictures show Matt post bad haircut.

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