Friday, January 9, 2009

my little chickadees

It's amazing what some dress-up clothes, loud pop girl music, cookies, pineapple, and a camera can do to 15 year old girls. They were slow starters, but by the end they enjoyed the entire evening. These ladies teach me more things about life every time I'm with them. And sometimes, it's hard to tell me from them, although there is an 8 year difference. I love them {even on their brattiest days... which they have... frequently.}

I hope they know how beautiful they are.

I hope they know they are loved.

I hope they have the strength to stand a little taller each day.

I hope they never forget to laugh.

I hope they never forget their Savior.

I hope they stay true to their selves.

I hope the world doesn't beat them down.

I hope I can teach them, and continue learning from them.

and I hope they never forget to jump. because it's fun. and fun is good.

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