Wednesday, January 14, 2009

happy birthday matthew!!

I love you. I think 24 is going to be your sexiest year yet. It sounds so distinguished, don't you think? And (he informed me a few days ago) it means he is actually turning 109 - because he is choosing to count in dog years from now on. {I know... what?!}

I love you anyway and think the world of you. You're the best husband a wife like me could ask for. And 1/8th is fantastic ;)

age 5... so naked and cute
haha... age 17 (he is wearing a speedo...)
-although it's almost funnier pretending he's not wearing one-

[and no... these aren't the only 2 half naked ones. i had plenty more to choose from.]

you were the best missionary in Spain

you have a wife that loves you (and she doesn't come and go..haha :)

I can just tell, this is going to be your best year yet.


  1. He probably used this to determine his age -

  2. January birthdays are the best! Hope it's a happy one!

  3. Feliz Cumpleaños and a prospero año nuevo and you two are SO lucky to have each other!
    I'm glad to know you. (albeit from a "lurking" distance :)

    ..."nuphe" was my word ver. of the day.