Tuesday, January 13, 2009

did you know? i didnt.

It is National Delurking Week, I'm not sure who started this or if it's even real, but my friend Gretchen says it's real, and basically Matt and I believe everything this girl has to say because the first day her and I met, she knew about Arrested Development and we shared a joke. That kind of bonding is thicker than glue, or I'd dare say rubber cement.

So I will try to be less of a lurker this week to all those blogs I look at, and more of a Delurker... and I hope all of you looking at this post on my 'ol bloggeroni will do the same.

PS... Gretchen quoted scripture in her post, and it was funny so I will share it here.

"Delurk, oh ye delurkers and lurk no more, lest Ceiling Cat smite you with his curse."
The Book of Blogger: Chapter 4, Verse 26

too funny :)


  1. Hee! It's totally a real thing. Some blogger heads it up every year and makes banners but the name is escaping me right now...
    Anyhow, I heart your blog! I think you and Matt are fantastically talented and interesting.

  2. I'm here reading and lurking... you already knew that.