Monday, January 12, 2009

body language


and so was Body Worlds.

My eyes have been further opened at the miracle of our physical bodies. Every detail is perfect and relevant. Each X has a counter-part Y. We need every bit of it. The Grand Creator of our human frame knew exactly what he was doing when we were fabricated. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

It wrapped up yesterday in SLC, but will continue its tour to another location if you missed it. There were a few occasions during the tour that made me feel a little ill since they use real bodies from real people, but it is definitely more interesting than nauseating. And very informative. I'm glad that Rach, AJ, Gretch, David, and Carole could come with us as well. The more the merrier. We even saw Rac, Jordan, Linda, and Tom. Basically it was a Body World party and I'm super glad we had the opportunity to go before it was over. And seeing the obese person's slice was gross - I'm going to give up fast food.

{I say I'm because Matt would never do that. Ever. (bless his heart...literally.)}

[we love our friend Gretchen!]


  1. Our bodies are amazing!! I think that is why I'm a nurse! Hopefully it will be in KC, I would LOVE to go!

  2. wish i would have gone to body worlds. looked sooo amazing!