Sunday, January 4, 2009

and finally, reason #3 why new years was awesome

friends, and a game called maoh.

Tyler and Marie graciously hosted the get together at the Allen's house [who re-did their kitchen, and it looks amazing!] It was a very cozy gathering with some close friends (that we don't see enough) and we played an excellent Uno type game called Maoh (apparently the Mexican version of UNO... but uno is already in Spanish... so I'm not sure if that's true.) It hurt my head, but with finger mustaches, acting like a chicken, "everything's coming up millhouse," and lots of other things to remember it was all very fun! And we finished off the evening with Rock Band... so all in all, very successful way to ring in the new year.

Tyler and MarieSam and Amber
Ian representing the Apple BeerDrew with his genius idea on how to dip Oreo's in milk (a fork!)
the Maoh crewand of course, Rock Band

so Happy New Year!
2009 is going to be rad.


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  2. Heck yes we do, we need to find a new cool craft to do!