Thursday, January 1, 2009

reason #1 why new years was awesome.

An explosion of paper maché heads.

Would you like to know more? Because it was SO FLIPPIN' RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

Let me explain...

Matt and I like to celebrate traditions, and one tradition that is familiar to some South American countries (as well as Spain) is to burn paper maché effigies (representing yourself, or another person) during the nochevieja, or new year's eve. Do you remember back when we made these lovely heads? Well... we saved them for a very special purpose - blowing them up last night. The tradition is that you "burn the people/memories/regrets of the past year" so that you can start the next year with no baggage and a clean slate.

{Obviously we did it more for the fun factor than the symbolism of the tradition, but it's something to think about... burning the bad stuff of the last year so we can move on to a better future.}

Here's how it went.

Our buddy Tyler helped Matt prepare the heads in the snow, fill them with fuel so they'd slowly start on fire and we'd all have this nice moment watching something burn. Well.. half of that happened. They burned alright, but not slow by any means. Matt almost had his head directly above "my head" when I lit it, but we are SO glad he moved right before it blew up and burst into very large flames! We literally died laughing for 20 minutes (and our tummies are sore today from it.)

Ty and Matt with the fuel

here we are, taking this cute picture while lighting the paper towel

THEN... (look closely and you can see fear in our eyes)
[this was actually the 2nd explosion, because the first head i lit blew up and caught the 2nd head on fire... but we only caught the explosion of the second one. amazing]

they burned for at least two minutes or more

then we danced and jumped by the flames to celebrate our success

oh, and we hugged

here is the final product after the flames stopped

THE best memory for a new year's eve in a very long time. It truly was
H I L A R I O U S! And next year, we plan on doing full body paper maché people... and it will be EVEN COOLER.

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  1. That's AWESOME. The picture of you running away from the fire is probably my favorite.