Sunday, December 28, 2008

i love clever presents

Christmas was wonderful. We watched movies, spent time with both families (including priceless holiday awkwardness during some gatherings,) ate delicious food, and gave and received some very nice gifts.

I love love love this necklace Matthew purchased for me... {same one that I asked Santa for when I won that cute jewelry box on this post.} They are 1959 typewriter keys... semi colon M and a black C.

and Matty loves this pimp watch that his wife gave him :)

Hermano DJ was very clever this year when he gave me a dog collar with a note (puppy paws drawn onto it) that said "go look in the laundry room!" Much to my RELIEF (and Matt's disappointment) there was not a puppy, but a nicely wrapped present that said "You didn't really think I'd give you a puppy, did you!?" Inside was a perfect gift for my new camera. {thank you DJ!}
Very clever.

THEN (just as you thought Christmas presents couldn't get more clever)... my MIL and FIL gave Matthew and I these lovely coats -

You should have seen my face when I first opened the package to find this COLORFUL PURPLE JACKET. I thought the present was serious for 2 full minutes before I felt the surprises in the pockets. The coats were purchased at DI and filled with some singles* for us to purchase our own coats.

* "it looks like i worked hard last night!" i exclaimed after emptying the pockets of all the single dollar bills. we all had a good laugh. Also, Matt's coat is much more purple than the pictures show. *

Everyone was so generous and perfectly spot on with their gift choices this year that we are left feeling super grateful. We are very excited to be back at Momentum. {thanks so much Carole and David, yoga here we come!} Our bellies will be full and our wallets lighter {thanks Ken and Kim!}, and our feet will stay much warmer this year {thanks DaNell & Mark and Cassie!}

We so hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, and on behalf of Matthew and I - we leave you with this joke (from a book that Matt received from his sister Emily)...

"Chuck Norris puts his pants on just like you and me, one leg at a time. Except when Chuck Norris puts on his pants, he is fighting North Koreans."

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  1. im so glad that you got your necklace!!! i love it!