Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy 2008 dear friends

2008 has been quite the year :) A lot of things to remember, and a lot of things to be grateful for. We will be celebrating tonight by burning {literally} any regrets from this past year, making toasts for 2008, and setting resolutions for 2009 all the while making-out to N'sync's "kiss me at midnight." I couldn't be more excited.

I love resolutions because I am constantly planning and working on goals, so the beginning of a new year isn't about making new goals per say, but reminding myself of all the things we have been planning, and getting back on the road to completion. We even have plans laid out for 2010... but I suppose it's not necessary to share those ones quite yet.

Matthew and I signed up for a half marathon last night. It is in April, and we are going to complete it (which is a big deal, because I really dislike running.)

We are going to buy a house in 2009, and make some of those "grown-up" decisions everyone talks about.

I am going to blog more.

Matt is going to design more.

We are going to take more pictures and do more awesome things.

We are going to visit at least one other country... we just don't know which one yet.

I am going to make old things look new, and try to be more crafty about saving pennies.

We are going to give more hugs and tell people how important they are to us.

We are on track for our savings plans... and will have some beautiful babies {not in the literal sense} to show off in the springtime.

We will learn at least 27 new skills because we have 52 weeks to do so.

And so so much more that we don't even know yet. So exciting!

Thank you to those blog readers (or stalkers) that show me some blog love every now and then, I appreciate you more than you'll know.

Don't get a roundhouse kick to the face from Chuck Norris tonight, but everyone celebrate the end of a wonderful year and make sure you get some at midnight! Happy New Year.


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