Wednesday, December 3, 2008

glad we aren't 15 anymore

The more I hang out with 15 year old girls, the more grateful I am that we have already passed through that stage of life. With my calling in Young Womens, I hang out with girls 14-15 years old at least twice a week, and holy hannah... they are quite the handfuls. They have boyfriends, they kiss multiple boys at a time, they talk about getting tattoos, they have gauges in their ears, and they overall don't understand how their choices today will completely affect their futures. Matthew also spends time with youth 16-17 years old, and we can only hope we are both making positive impacts in their lives. And we are grateful for these opportunities, because one day we would like to have children of our own... and it's nice to know before hand that it is going to be super hard to raise them in an ever changing world. And hopefully we can be a bit more prepared :) And mostly, we are thankful for our faith.

Last week we went to the temple to see Chase and Amanda get married. It was beautiful inside and out of the SLC Temple, and the company of Heather and Josh was just a bonus. {we loved Chase's brown suit! It accented his beautiful wife's dress very well}

Josh, Chase, and Matthew- handsome boys

Carla and Matthew

Heather and J

I'd take marriage, Temple, and love over high school, dating, and drama any day. It was super beautiful, and we are so so happy for them!


  1. i knew chase in high school. they looked great. and so do you by the way. i love your outfit with you outside the temple. and a YW calling would be so fun. i bet you are so great at it.

  2. yep this is my third comment on your blog now...sorry. but i totally agree with you on taking marriage over dating drama. oh and i have that old navy dress. love it.

  3. I found your blog through Stacey Sargents. She is a good friend of mine and I have loved looking at your blog. Chase England is actually our cousin. What a small world! So on your comment on Stacey's page you mentioned a type writer necklace? Would you mind sharing what that is and where in the world I can get one? It sounds darling! THANKS!
    Erica England