Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

Matthew worked really hard to design our Christmas Card this year... and I love them and think they turned out amazing. {thanks bubba.} So... for those of you that didn't receive one - partake here. And for those lucky few that did - partake again. And I'd like to point out that both of our scarves are hand made and we are proud of them :)

{this is the front of the card, and the words were glued to the back}

{click on the image and you can read the words better...}

We truly hope everyone has an excellent Christmas this week, and tries to find joy in giving and receiving gifts, as well as taking some time to recognize those special moments with loved ones. Matt and I will spend the next 2 days cuddling, sleeping in, giggling with anticipation and excitement, spending time with family, and just enjoying the days off from normal working life. And we hope you all do the same! [Oh, and presents! We're excited about those too!]

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